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Why getting the golf balls back?

The process of getting the golf balls back

We have to admit it even by disappointing you... eGolf-Balls did not invent the process of selling used golf balls. For a long time, getting balls back has existed. It is usually done locally either by greenkeepers themselves, either by young people managing to make some little money close to fairways, even in some countries by networks of craftsman or scuba divers well known locally and resellin g those used balls.

Buying refinished balls: an eco-friendly action

Whereas, with the increasing amount of golfers, the uprising prices of raw materials and a concrete eco-friendly awareness in our everyday life, the recycled golf balls offer an opportunity for all, golfers and golf professionals. For several years we can even find refinished balls in wholesalers, issued… in the USA. The idea is good but the process of shipping them is not cost effective in terms of Carbone prints. eGolf-Balls wishes to help golfers buy cheaper as to avoid an unleashed industrial production through the second life cycle given to the recycled golf balls in a European scale. This second life was made possible via treatment units created locally to the primary benefits of golfers and environment.



Beyond the positive aspect of environmental cleaning that represents this work of collecting, it also provides to collect millions of balls (Yes… millions!). We estimate at approximately 300 million per year the number of used ball in the north-American market, and at 150 million in the European market. It is huge. Picturing those millions of golf balls polluting the environment is incompatible with the spirit of golfing and the esthetic aspect that golf clubs are willing to preserve.


Buying used or refinished golf balls is then more than a consumerist opportunity; it is especially a pragmatic and efficient reflex to combine business with pleasure