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Ball's' customisation

Quality marking for an increased longevity

eGolf-Balls proposes to customise the balls according to a particularly efficient and resistant to use proceeding. You will then enjoy playing with your balls for a long time.

While asking for an estimate from your supplier, ask for information about the technique used and compare.It is especially frustrating, even if we did not pay much, to see the marking quickly fading away from the balls. That is why we have chosen a process of quality, offering a better longevity.

Getting a personalised estimation

Use our contact formulary dedicated to the customisation and indicate:

-the amount of planned balls (minimum 200 balls)

-the model and the quality of ball wished

-a description of the wished marking

If it is a logo, it is better to join a file in order to evaluate correctly the work needed (amount of colours). A file .jpeg can be forwarded for the estimation but it is better, in order to get the best quality, to include a file of type .ai (Adobe illustrator).

Delay to be planned

The time to make the marking is approximately of three weeks from the acceptation of the estimation. Then we add the delay of shipping, generally from two to three days.

Pricing basis

The estimation will be calculated regarding those different elements:

-a cost of printing regarding the number of colours and the amount of balls (between 0.18 and 0.25 eurocent per ball)

-a cost of creating the graphic plate (between 40 and 140 euro) only for the first printing

-the price of chosen balls

-the shipping fees

>> Access to the estimation's formulary