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What are the offers proposed by eGolf-Balls ?

eGolf-Balls proposes several brands and models of refinished and reycled golf balls, conditioned into four types of different quality. To simplify your life, we have selected the essential.You can find all information about our products in the item All our advices.

Do you give advices to choose the golf balls?

To choose the balls that fits your expectations, consult the item All our advices in which you will find explanations concerning the quality and the shape of our golf balls. We also explain to you the difference between a used ball and a refinished ball. It can be confusing.

For eGolf-Balls, buying used and refinished balls gives an eco-friendly behaviour. It is adequate with the spirit of golfing and the aesthetic mood that golf clubs want to preserve.

How can I customize my golf balls?

It is of course possible to customize your golf balls. To do so, forward us your needs in the formulary dedicated to this action and we will propose an estimation. Go on the item Customise your golf balls to know more about it.

How to sponsorship a friend?

It is possible to sponsorship a friend from the moment you have subscribed to To dos this, your godson designates you by entering your e-mail while registering his order. To benefit from the promotional coupon, the godfather needs to have finalized at least one order previously. In this case both godfather and godson will receive a coupon of 5€. This coupon will be available on the next purchase. To sponsorship a friend now, go on the link: Sponsorship.

What are the advantages of sponsoring a friend?

Sponsoring a friend grant you a 5€ coupon available on your next purchase.

Is there a fidelity program?

We have created a fidelity program. You can find more information here Fidelity Program or just below.

How does the fidelity program work?

Our fidelity program is reserved to the clients of eGolf-Balls who have created an identified client account during a previous order. The fidelity program is not accessible to the clients who have ordered as Guest mode (without created a client account). This program grants you points available for one year and are also coupons. Those points are available in your client account around fifteen days after the reception of your orders.

However it is not possible to cumulate fidelity points with the use of coupons, you will be able to choose between the coupons or the fidelity points. For instance if you pass a 100€ order, you will get a coupon of approximately 5€ available for your next purchase.

Do you have promotional coupons?

There are different ways of getting some price reductions (promotional coupons) at eGolf-Balls and we thank you each time because it makes you talk about us to your friends and coming back for resupplying.

You can first of all sponsorship somebody and obtain after that a 5€ coupon.

You can also cumulate the loyalty points won with each of your purchases.

Finally you can enjoy special promotions temporally.
Enjoy it!

How to benefit from a promotional coupon?

To benefit from a promo coupon, during your purchase you can activate in your basket, the coupon on which you have rights. It can be linked to the sponsorship program, the fidelity points or a special coupon.