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The company

eGolf-Balls : What does it mean?

Golf-balls, in English in the script... and about the “e” it defines our will and who we are : e like... Economical... eco-friendly... European... and of course e-business.

eGolf-Balls : Why such an unpronounceable name?

In French, we do have to articulate and say it slowly and it goes easier. We must practice... it is like golf ;). On the other hand for Anglo-Saxons it is quite natural.

Where are the golf balls picked up?

The golf balls are picked up in lakes and ponds which appear (for our happiness or unhappiness) on golf fields. We get authorisation to send our scuba-divers. As soon as the authorisations are granted, our scuba-divers can go pick up some of the millions of golf balls that fall in those lakes and attract them like magnets.

Where are the golf balls treated?

The golf balls are sent in a specialised factory where they are cleaned, classified and retreated according to their shape. They are subject to manual sorting to determine their quality and their state of use before being repackaged and resold. 

How are the golf balls sorted?

The golf balls have sorted manually by technicians specialised into golf balls classification. Their expertise is very valuable because they are capable of defining brand, shape and quality of golf balls in only half a second. Their know-how has never been capable of being beaten by machines.

Why would eGolf-Ball be an eco-friendly company?

At least, we try. Modestly.

By making few daily easy gesture leading to reduce carbon footprint.

The process of selling refinished golf balls comes entirely in this philosophy. We do not have the utopia of revolutionising the world, but if our work allows by this simple act, to give you pleasure, to make you save some money and in the same time to contribute to the recycling of our little white balls and to make the golf more eco-friendly, then we will also be happy.

How many golf balls do you pick up in the lakes?

A golf field = Thousands of golf balls. That is unbelievable. All those balls and some have been driven only once... For a long time, the golfers at eGolf-Balls thought they were the only one to lose so many of them. But no... and it is a global issue...