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About us

eGolf-Balls was born from an encounter.

Three persons each from a different background encountered. One of them was coming from the world of sport, another from scuba diving, the last one from e-commerce. All of them had been confronted to the permanent quest of the capricious ball which has to be found in the bush. Everyone was stomached by the amazing attraction created by water levels on those balls. A powerful magnetism which seems to pull them in the abyss of peaceful waters, as mermaids on sailors of the old times.

eGolf-Balls grew up with a belief.

Golf is often criticised for its management of environment. We, at eGolf-Balls are not at ease when we see sumptuous golf fields built up in the middle of dry areas. Whereas golf fields in Scotland or Normandy seem totally in their right place. The accumulation of balls in water levels was hurting our modest reflexes of eco-friendly citizens.

This reflex, matched with an imperious need in resupplying the stock of ball, that we lose as soon as we find them, has convinced us to facilitate the acquisition on a big scale, of used balls. Not only used balls, which is already done for a long time everywhere, but mostly refinished balls. Those balls permitting to save both resources and money and to clean modestly but surely the ponds.

eGolf-Balls is then resolutely European

Taking into account that only the USA and Asia were dotted with refinishing factories, the two first mates have created a factory specialised in refinishing balls in Europe. Which is nowadays, the only one existing in our countries. Impressed by their idea, the third mate decided to create its own eshop to distribute such golf balls on the internet. They can finally get a new life and new owners even in the far end of our countryside.
Based in Paris, eGolf-Balls is a website operated by the firm Paktiz. eGolf-Balls’ vocation is to distribute those refinished balls all through Europe thanks to our partner SEUR, Spanish carrier which makes us benefit from its agreements with all Europeans positions. In a few days, thanks to this knowledge you can receive a stock of balls (from 25 to 600) at very advantageous conditions.

Prices are decreasing according to quality, and moreover, from 100 euro of purchase, eGolf-Balls offers the shipping. Why depriving then?
Playing with used balls is a perfect complement to the punctual purchase of new balls in order to reduce the budget dedicated to the game and to allow a more respectful balance to the environment.

Do not hesitate to test he balls to get an idea!

In order to make your life easier we have created a program “Satisfied or repaid” specifics to the balls Refinished-Premium. We highly recommend those balls as the best ratio Quality/Price/Performance.


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