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Select golf balls according to your level

Here are our advices according to your level of play.

You are a beginner?

You don't have any ranking or you play over 36:

It is recommended to use cheaper balls because the risk of losing a certain amount of them during the journey is high. Those balls have a very high ratio quality/price and will grant you the comfort of playing at ease without bankrupting yourself. We would usually talk about models of balls with 2 bodies, devised to reduce the spin effect and increase distance. The life cycle of 2 bodies balls is yet shorter because of the usury. Consult our entry scale’s offers.

You are an amateur female player?

Your index is under 36:

You would probably appreciate to use balls with more flexible compression in order to favour distance on middle fast swings. Balls with 3 bodies which have a better touch allow a more important spin to stop quickly on greens. Consult our Lady’s offers.

You are an amateur male player?

(or female with a fast swing)

You index is under 36:

You will wish to play with 3 bodies’ balls, from good quality and with a higher compression. Those balls have a better touch than the 2 bodies’ balls and maintain the quality and the amount of energy transmitted by your swing. Consult the offers that will satisfy most of you.

You are a competitor?

Your index is under 28, or you just want to offer you some really good balls (you have the right to indulge yourself! :)

We propose our best used or refinished balls at some very attractive prices. Those balls have stronger compressions in order to adapt themselves to a fast swing’s speed. Those are high class models generally 3 bodies or more for an accentuated spin effect. Consult the best model’s offers.